Spur of Italy’s Boot – Vieste and the Gargano National Forest

Puglia (or Apulia) is eyeopening because it presents a surprising geography not seen anywhere else in Italy.  We visited the ‘spur’ of Italy’s boot mid April and found it to be astounding!  Based out of the old pirate town of Vieste with it’s calcareous Pizzomunno il Faraglione, we explored lovely flat beaches along with interesting white rocky promotories with ancient towns jutting over cliffs.  Some old towns features a few ‘trabucchi’ jutting out into the sea.  This curious woodwork is an ancient way of fishing found throughout this region.  In only a few days you can explore the nearby towns of Peschici, Rodi, and Mattinata and also linger in La Foresta Umbra, the shady forest of the Gargano National Park stretching some 1000 meters up the mountain.  The light through these ancient oaks and beech trees is unique! This lovely unexplored spur is perfect for hiking, biking and enjoying the beaches along with the incredible food and wine of Puglia!









Gargano National Forest




Pastries in Italy, eyecandy for those “just looking”

Perugia3Part of the obvious charm of traveling in Italy is the way store owners artfully display their wares!  And pastries, candy and gelato can be found in every small town and big city…just there to tempt you to try.

Here are a few delights from a lazy afternoon stroll in the town of Perugia in Umbria.

Perugia4Perugia is famous for its chocolate!


Snakes are part of the many animal symbols in Perugia’s history.

Perugia1Griffins are everywhere as they are the official city symbol.

PerugiaGriffinsVisit Ticket to Italy’s website for information about your next trip to Perugia!